Telma Composiet spoelbak ON 4110 Wit. Anti bacterieel


Top kwaliteit Composiet spoelbak van Telma.
Toegepaste techniek Microstop: 1e anti bacteriele composiet spoelbak. Extra bescherming tegen Vlekken en onaangename geurtjes.
kastmaat : 45cm
Benodigde uitsparing : 390mm x 480mm.
Afmetingen spoelbak : 410mm x 500mm.
Spoelbak heeft 3 voorgeboorde gaten. Door te boren naar keuze.
Microstop: Plados-Telma group has been the very first company to propose antibacterial sinks. The active function proposed by Plados-Telma is based on natural silver ions, and gives a constant protection against bacterial proliferation. Bacteria can cause mould, stains and bad smells. Thanks to the active function of the antibacterial element, which is incorporated in the sink’s structure during manufacturing and lasts for the whole life of the sink, freshness and hygiene last longer. Plados Telma antibacterial protection is colourless and odourless; it doesn’t reduce its action with the sink use or after time.
Bad smells that sometimes originate i

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